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​Not sure what type of session you are looking for?

There is not one session that will ever look alike. Depending on what you are personally looking for will depend on how the session will go. However, I have categorized a few different types of sessions that people are looking for and a variety of modalities that can be used within the treatment.

​Past Life Regression: Looking to explore who you once were and how that life impacts who you are today. Cleansing Session: This is an outer and inner body cleanse, which teaches you the beginner steps to clearing your mind, grounding yourself and connecting to your higher power. This session consists of sage burning, water alchemy intention setting, energetic cord cutting and a deep meditation. Letting Go: Having a hard time letting go of a person or situation or thought that you just can't seem to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD??? This session is specific to releasing that bad mojo and clearing your mind, so that you are able to open your mind to new ideas and opportunities.


Sessions are only provided through light and love. ​If at anytime you feel that you no longer want to continue with treatment, sessions can end at anytime.

​This part of the website is still being developed. Please reach out if you have any questions that have not been answered.

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