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Many people who have never had a massage before (and even some who have) are unsure of what they should book based on what they're looking for. In this comparison blog, we will discuss the differences between aromatherapy and therapeutic massages. The first major difference between these two types of massage is the use of essential oils during the massage. The benefits of adding essential oils to a massage can help aide in relaxation as well as in any way that the oils being used can promote your health and well being. For example, the use of lavender in an aromatherapy massage can help you relax and also provide sleep support and be soothing on the skin and even for the muscles. Other oils that can be used can help make you feel grounded, uplifted, energized, or can simply be enjoyable and relaxing while you enjoy the smell alone. There are so many added benefits! The therapist may drop some oil on a cloth underneath your face as well so that you can inhale the oils and reap the benefits as they're breathed into your body, not only absorbed through your skin.

Another major difference between a therapeutic or aromatherapy massage is up to you and what you're looking for. If you are looking for more of a relaxing massage to ease stress or simply take a mini vacation from everyday life, an aromatherapy massage can offer benefits a therapeutic massage can't, as mentioned above. However, many people are unaware that a therapeutic massage can also be a relaxation massage. You can tell your therapist that you are simply here to relax and they will adjust the pressure that they use, and even adjust the environment to offer you the most relaxing massage you can get. Many think that therapeutic means the purpose of the massage is to address an injury or aches and pains. Though this is often true, it doesn't have to be this way! Communicate what you want and need with your therapist and they can better provide you with exactly what you're looking for! ​

So, the choice is yours! You can leave our clinic feeling like you just left the spa, or you can leave knowing your pain has been addressed and you're on your way to healing! Call and see what is right for you, or book your own massage here on our website. ​Clinic Number: (506) 594-0360

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