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Tasha offers a holistic approach to wellness sessions by delving deeply into the interconnected layers of your wellness goals. Through one-on-one, in-person or virtual sessions, Tasha provides guidance and support toward easy and quick solutions to your wellness goals by incorporating minimalist tools and strategies so you are not adding more to your already busy to-do lists. Tasha’s ability to connect with individuals on a deeper level through meaningful conversation, active listening and compassion enhances her services to those she works with.

Tasha has an abundance of experience working alongside adults and children, to create positive lifestyle changes.

Mindfulness and meditation practices support her mission of helping others live their wellness aspirations and find calm by turning within. Tasha creates a safe and confidential space for all individuals to develop their skills and enhance their wellness and positive mindset. She is a support and accountability partner to help you along the way. She looks forward to guiding you along your wellness journey.


Beginner Adult Meditation 


Decompress the day's stress as you explore the techniques and benefits of meditation. Enjoy an individual or a small private group setting. Each class begins with a short introductory lesson, a meditation technique, and finally debrief and journaling activity to finish the session. Pre-registration required and payment is due at the time of registration. 

Meditation for Children


In these 45-minute sessions, your child will learn the basics of meditation and participate in mindful activities they can use in everyday life to help build resilience and a foundation for positive coping strategies. Each class begins with a short introductory lesson, practice of a meditation technique and debrief of the session to finish. Sessions can be book individually or in small groups. 

Wellness Program Sessions

One on one, in-person, virtual or group sessions are available.

You will be guided and supported as you examine the layers of your wellness concerns and goals. You will minimize life's excess as you work through the sessions of Tasha's personally developed and tried signature system. Eliminate overwhelm and exhaustion in exchange for increased energy and focus.

Sessions are 60 minutes. You will receive, tips, strategies, and bonus take-aways. Pre-registration required. Payment due in full, at the time of registration.

Contact Tasha for more information on this service.  


To book or have any inquiry, please contact me through email. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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