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Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a deep form of meditation that assists the client in accessing the subconscious mind often unavailable due to the distractions of everyday life. 

You will be guided through the process of deep relaxation, receiving the answers you seek about your current life, health, work, relationships, family... any questions that are important to you to receive information on, at this point in time. 

During a BQH Session, you are induced into this conscious yet deeply relaxed state with beautiful and powerful imagery. Once the journey begins, you start to receive images, feelings or knowing's. You are most often brought to a time and place that is the most relevant time and place to receive the answers you require. This could be a past life, a moment in this life that has been suppressed, or any place that is needed to help heal you while on your journey.

Your subconscious mind will connect you with your higher self and healing team to guide along your experience. Once energy healing is experienced you are brought back to everyday awareness and grounded back to self. 


​$150 for BQH session 
Usually, last about an hour and a half

$333 for advanced BQH session
Can last 3-4 hours

​Longer sessions can be requested



It can help people understand Health Issues. Quantum healing has been used to access knowledge for all types of modalities. For instance, it is used to tap into everything from back and muscle pain, to burns and chronic conditions such as Thyroid. This technique even works with emotional and mental issues.

It broadens ones knowledge of Past Lives, lessons learned, and connecting with ones Higher Self to understand our current lives purpose.

Quantum energy healing can truly be a great support to increase self-improvement, self-love, and overall sense of wellbeing. It can also improve relationships because it will open one’s heart, support compassion, and let a person give to others in a wonderful healing way.

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