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Awaken Your Inner Goddess sessions are designed to open your mind and heart and explore the driving force behind your habits and reactions. Through exploring different options and perspectives, we are able to let go of discomfort and pain that has been held on far too long.


Be prepared to enter a calming and nonjudgemental enviroment where you can work on many different avenues within your life in order to spark that Goddess within. 


The vision is to support you in becoming aware of your belief systems, developing an understanding of where these beliefs stem from and helping you make a choice to do something different. Our struggles present themselves as roadblocks and when we shift our perspective, they can be seen as opportunities for growth and expansion for our relationships, the world, and ourselves.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Sessions

$50 for 30 minutes 
$80 for 60 minutes

Virtual Sessions Available

Awaken Your Inner Goddess sessions can contain numerous different components from Water Alchemy and Shadow work and cleansing the mind to healthy lifestyle changes, self love and acceptance, commitment to your true self and working towards what sparks your heart to shine.


Awaken Your Inner Goddess
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